Something For You ❤

June 19, 2020   |   Posted by: Admin

Something for you during lockdown. ❤ 

We are all facing a nerve wracking and lonely time. As a magician my gigs are, of course, being cancelled and rightly so. However, I do feel that as an entertainer it is my duty to make people smile, especially in these uncertain times.

For those of you who are in isolation or at home because of cancelled work I understand it can be tough, lonely, boring and anxiety inducing. For that reason, to try and give you a little bit of escapism I have uploaded my full Christmas Magic Show DVD to YouTube for you to watch completely for free. It is the full show from last Christmas, filmed at the Seaford Barn Theatre and it runs for around 1 hour and 45 minutes. I hope it makes you smile as, after all, that’s the reason I do my shows.

The show is suitable for all ages so please feel free to watch it with your children and please don’t hesitate to share the video with your friends/family or anyone who you feel might enjoy it.

I know it’s not much but I at least hope that it can put a smile on you and your loved ones faces in these strange and confusing times.

So, grab yourself a coffee, sit down and enjoy watching me dressed in overly Christmassy clothes, doing magic, talking to a ginger haired baby puppet and acting like a fool live on stage in THE SAM JONES CHRISTMAS MAGIC SHOW DVD!

Share the love, stay positive, stay magical and stay safe, everyone. Best wishes – Sam xx